New Comics Wednesday (1/6/10)

A new year of comics begins! This is what I’m getting this week.

  • Blackest Night #6–Actually from last week, but why waste a post on one comic? (Because I could have… :) Oh, and special thanks to Matt at the Comic Book Shop for teasing me with a glimpse of the cover from a copy he already had in the store the week before it was officially released. Yeah, real nice, Reynolds! :)
  • Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2
  • The Mighty #12–The last issue. What an interesting experiment from DC.

That’s all I have? Really?

Also, Marvel’s Siege is out. I kind of want to get it. What is wrong with me??? Damn you, Bendis! :)

And I see that the next trade of The Walking Dead is out (vol. 11, Fear the Hunters). Man, I just got volume 10!

(Holy crap, I was real smiley in this post. Gotta watch that. This is serious talk about comics, man!)


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