Pull List Review (December 2 Comics)

Blackest Night: Flash #1: For all of Geoff Johns’ talking about how cool he thinks Barry Allen Flash is, I just don’t get it from Flash: Rebirth and this offering (but you do get it from the main Blackest Night book). The character is inconsistent when it’s convenient to further the plot, and the art on this book is just messy. I like a Flash artist whose lines are fluid and graceful, not jagged and busy. The only thing so far that seems interesting in this mini is the Rogues.

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1: One of the things I love about the Black Lanterns is their emotion vision, and many of the Blackest Night books have used this to great effect, but here it just doesn’t ring (hah! get it?) true to me. I understand that Diana is a mystical princess, but she’s also a warrior and, discipline or no, she should be feeling more than just one emotion during the near issue-long fight. I do like, though, how they appear to have gotten the Max Lord bit out of the way in the first issue, because everyone knows that a showdown between these two had to happen, and I’m thankful they did it here. That’s not to say Max won’t be back, but at least they didn’t build up to it.

Mighty #11: Wow, the crap hits the fan here, huh? And to make things consistent, again I don’t buy that a character is able to effectively hide/mask their emotions so well. Has anything thus far in the series shown us that Cole could lie so completely as to fool Alpha One? I don’t think so. But I did like the fight scene in the end. Because of what they show us, what I thought would happen didn’t, and was surprised at what did happen. Looking forward to the last issue and how this series ends.


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