Pull List Review (November 25 Comics)

Blackest Night #5: This starts out as a typical team up and we get some appropriate action sequences, and a pretty silly two-page spread with the various Lantern Corps’ oaths. I say silly because of the Indigo-1’s “oath”. I’m sure it means something cool, but it just comes off silly. But the last few pages: wow! When Bruce Wayne rises as a Black Lantern and starts puking out rings to turn the formerly dead heroes into Black Lanterns, well, I forgive some of the silliness of the issue.  Interesting though that Nekron puts quotes around Bruce’s name. Next issue looks to be a doozy.

Detective Comics #859: I’ve gone on and on about J.H. Williams’ art in this book, and I will say again how much I love it. Specifically, I appreciate the change in Williams’ style for the flashback portion of the story. I guess I’ll have to follow this team to the new Batwoman book coming out. Oh, and the Question co-feature? I wouldn’t know because it sucks.
Green Lantern #48: When did Larfleeze become funny comic relief? Regardless, Larfleeze utters a few choice one liners amid the continuing storyline (“What a week I’m having!”). There’s some good exposition that leads into Blackest Night #5.
Justice League: Cry for Justice #5: Holy cats! What they did to Roy!!! Definitely an OMFG moment for me, and that’s hard to do. Can’t wait to see the next issue. I wasn’t going to get this series, but with a little nudge from Matt at the Comic Book Shop, I did and I’m glad I listened. The art has been good, and I’m liking how this story has been progressing so far.
Justice League of America #39: Here’s another creepy moment thanks to Blackest Night. This issue is yet another Black Lantern zombie vs heroes story, but this one has the panel showing the villain Dr. Light hunched over making slurping noises. The next page reveals why. Sick!

Justice Society of America #33: I officially don’t like Bill Willingham’s writing on superhero books. I like to think it’s because he’s hampered by editorial since his work on Fables has been so good, but maybe he’s just not that good anymore.

Powers #1: I have been collecting this series for years now via trades, so when I read that a new series was coming out, I thought I’d join it at the ground floor. There’s nothing ground breaking here, just more of the same, but the same is still good.
Superman: Secret Origin #3: Okay, I was excited to read this series, to see how DC is defining Superman for the next 5 or 10 years, but this book is really, really starting to annoy me. First, there’s Gary Frank’s art. Second, there’s Geoff John’s and Frank’s penchant for recreating Superman: The Movie in this comic. So much so that we get almost word for word dialog or scenes from the movie. Now, I love Superman: The Movie–it’s one of my all-time favorite superhero movies–but to infuse that continuity into the comics so blatantly just irritates me.

World’s Finest #2: I’m enjoying this homage to the World’s Finest title of old. Although I don’t care for the Guardian (never have), I did like this team up. But I’m not sure why DC is publishing this series.  What’s the point? Is it leading to something?

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