Two Cool Things from DC Coming in 2010

DC’s The Source posted this bit about a couple projects coming in 2010. First up is Legacies, a man-on-the-street look at the various eras of the DCU, starting with the so-called Golden Age and moving towards more current events. Sounds very cool, except that Len Wein is writing it (various artists are drawing). After the bad aftertaste that was Wein’s recent storyline on Justice League, I can’t get excited about his involvement, but the concept is neat.

But the thing I’m most excited about is that DC will be releasing an updated Who’ Who series! I was thinking just the other day that DC should put out another edition of that series and look what happened! Okay, here’s another try at getting what I want: Hawk & Dove, Hawk & Dove, Hawk & Dove!!! Okay, that’s way too many exclamation points in one paragraph. Needless to say, I’ll be getting the new Who’s Who–I just hope they don’t do that looseleaf format they put out in the 90s again.

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