Pull List Review (November 18 Comics)

Finally! Caught up now on all the comics I’ve purchased in the last few months. Now I can get to some of the other posts I’ve been wanting to do.

Adventure Comics #4: Besides Wildcat, this is the other DC character I wish would go away forever. Superboy-Prime is a waste of comic space, and after reading this issue I was still scratching my head as to why Johns chose to focus an issue entirely on him. I hope the Black Lanterns tear him apart!

More important in this issue is the Legion co-feature. I am liking this story more and more, and I loved the whole Black/White Witch and Blok story in this issue. I want to see more of the Black Witch.

Brave and the Bold #29: Yes, this is one of the oddest team-ups I’ve seen in a while, but just like with the Dial H for Hero issue, JMS makes this work, although I didn’t care for the internal Batman dialogue. He gets creeped out by a living doll because of some monster movies he watched as a kid? Lame-o. And what’s this crap on the cover about “Lost stories of yesterday, today, and tomorrow”? I’m afraid I might be done with this title too in the near future.

Dr. Horrible Special #1: Yes, I’m very nearly a total Whedon whore. I’ll buy most everything (though I did not buy Angel or Sugar Shock) that Whedon had a hand in (though this is written by the brother). This was a cute origin tale of sorts, detailing how Captain Hammer became Dr. Horrible’s nemesis.

Flash: Rebirth #5: I should really like this comic. It has Geoff Johns writing it and Ethan Van Sciver drawing it, but I find myself just feeling meh about it. And I hate that there are now 40 million* hero speedsters in the DC universe. Why is that necessary? And Wally West’s promised new costume? Lame. Not to mention the other costume changes thanks to Wally’s manipulation of the Speed Force. I recall that this mini was supposed to be only five issues, but they extended it by one, but they could have just skipped this issue entirely, I think. I love the cover though.

*Okay, it’s only 7 according to this issue, but still.

Irredeemable #8: My first thought about this issue was that I did not care for this cover artist. But the story inside was great! Plutonian gets his ass kicked big time.

Justice Society of America 80-Page Giant #1: This was mildly better than the JLA 80-Page Giant, but not by much. Despite what I said about Damage in the Blackest Night #4 review, the best story in this comic was the one featuring Damage. Cool art and creepy story. Everything else is so-so at best. And too much Wildcat! Why do the DC writers love this stupid character?

Outsiders #24: Got this for one of the power rings. While not as bad as the Doom Patrol issue, it didn’t make me want to read the next issue.

Spider-Woman #3: OMG this was awesome! Ok, the ending was awesome. I love this comic now. Bendis continues to prove he is a king of dialogue (and internal monologue). Again, though, that ending … man!


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