Pull List Review (November 4 & 11 Comics)

Since I only had a few comics for both of these weeks, I’ve combined the reviews into one.

Batman & Robin #6: This issue was kick ass! But true to Morrison’s style, the villain was just odd and convenient to the plot. I liked how the story seemingly ended for Scarlet, but the end of the comic was just kind of weird (again, fitting for Morrison). What does that other batsuit signify for Dick? I feel like I’m missing something from Morrison’s previous run on the Batman title. I really wish they’d have a scene between Batman and Commissioner Gordon where Gordan says, “I know it’s you, Nightwing.” Because Gordan would. And they would talk. Get on that Morrison!

Booster Gold #26: Another comic I got for the power ring promotional, but this one was actually pretty good and makes me want to read the next issue to see how this little Blackest Night tie-in story ends. Good job DC!

Buffy, Season 8 #30: That is a beautiful cover (despite the fact that with the stake positioned where it is, the title reads “Biffy” :). A pity the story inside isn’t as good as the cover promises.

Doom Patrol #4: I only got this for the yellow power ring. That’s all that’s necessary to say about this comic.

The Mighty #10: The secret origin of Alpha One is revealed. Also revealed is why he has been kidnapping people–to perform genetic tests on them and create a master race. Turns out Alpha One is more Hitler than Superman (duh). Cole, given the circumstances, tells Alpha One that he will join him, an investment in the future of the world. Can’t wait to see how the final two issues go! (Yes, I recently discovered that this is a 12-issue limited series with a possibility that it will return with a “second series”).

R.E.B.E.L.S. #10: Yet another power ring comic. While not as good as Booster Gold, the ending shot of Vril Dox getting a Sinestro Corps ring makes me want to read the next issue!

The Unwritten #7: I love this story. So much stuff here to play with, and Mike Carey is doing a wonderful job of it. Part of the book is Tom Taylor telling the story of the Song of Roland and the image he describes appears out of thin air! There’s a betrayal and revelations. A month is too long to wait for this book.

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