Pull List Review (October 21 Comics)

Blackest Night: Superman #3: It’s interesting. I really liked the first issue of this mini, but the middle and ending left me me a little cold, whereas the Blackest Night: Batman mini I didn’t care for the beginning and middle, but the end was ok. Regardless, this was an ok tie-in to the Blackest Night event.

Brave and the Bold # 28: Ehh. This was a so-so tale of a time misplaced Flash teaming up with the Blackhawk gang. The only really interesting bit was when Barry is told he will need to kill the enemy or he’ll be considered a traitor. Unfortunately, JMS does nothing else with this and then the issue is over. The writing is solid enough, but there’s not much story going on.

DC Universe Halloween Special ’09: The cover reads “13 all-new tales of terror,” but that’s not what we get. A few are interesting (Green Lantern, Kid Flash), some are wonderfully drawn, but the story is lame (Wonder Woman, Superman/Flash), and the rest are mostly just meh. The one page Ravager story got a chuckle out of me, but the Superman ghost story was just lame. The book ends with Bizarro stating “Worst Halloween special ever.” Mostly.

Justice League of America #38: Can you say filler issue? I almost didn’t mind Mark Bagley’s art. And when Zatanna showed up, suddenly the colors of the book got interesting.

Spider-Woman #2: This comic just got a ton better. It’s part spy novel, part superhero, and part alien hunter, and it all works! Well, except for the alien hunter bit. I find that to be the weak part of this series so far. The ess aich eye tee hits the fan for Jessica when Hydra comes calling in the last panel. Does anyone else have a problem with her S.W.O.R.D. benefactor and the Hydra agent at the end of this issue both having green hair? Am I missing something?

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