Pull List Review (October 7 Comics)

Round 3.

Batman & Robin #5: Love the cover. And the Philip Tan art wasn’t that bad. Best lines from this issue: Batman: “Backstory. Not interested.” And the Red Hood: “Shot. I’ve been…” Also, I liked the bit when Jason Todd tells his partner that Bruce “forced” him to dye his red hair black like Dick’s. Hah! Can’t wait to read next issue and find out if Todd’s dead (but I doubt he is–too bad).

Batman Annual #27: Umm, just forget this one. Yeah.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #4: Besides the art in Detective Comics, this has been my second favorite book based on art alone. I also liked the bit where Ollie stands up to Hal by using a supersonic arrow to disrupt Hal’s thoughts and prevent him from using his ring. Then Ollie says, “You okay pal?” And Hal is okay with him! Great friendship there. Lots of good stuff in this issue. Jay Garrick admitting he gets tired now. The Shade showing up at Jay’s doorstep. The final two-page spread with the JLA calling Hal, Ollie, and Ray to task. Next issue should be good. I noticed though that there are a lot of JLAers who wear red. And why does Red Tornado have a bulge? Is he like Data (fully functional)?

The Mighty #9: Holy cats, look at that cover! Alpha One discovers that Cole is on to him, heat visions his throat and sends Cole’s car off a cliff–a literal cliff hanger! I’ve read #10, so I know what happens, but at the time I read this issue, I was like OMG! WTH?! This series was slow going, but these last few issues have been happening!

Buffy Season 8 #29: The Slayers fight the Army and people get hurt or die. That’s pretty much it.

Irredeemable #7: We get more backstory on the fall of Plutonian, and I kind of feel sorry for the guy. I think I would react the way Plutonian does in the flashback, and then to burdened with what happened because of a brief, selfish moment? Poor guy.

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