Pull List Review (September 23 Comics)

I am way behind in reading and reviewing my comics (never thought I’d write that!). Here’s the first in a series of reviews to get caught up.

Blackest Night: Superman #2: Mostly, this was long fight scene starting between Superman and Superman, then Superman and Superboy (thanks to the Psycho-Pirate). I was impressed with #1, but this was kind of a let down. I still love the Black Lantern vision they have going on in all the Blackest Night books. The large panel of Superboy and Superman fighting in all the rainbow of colors (emotions) was cool, though they do stretch it a bit at times. Sometimes they show a character feeling compassion in a situation that doesn’t either warrant it, or they simply would be hard pressed to be feeling compassion in that moment. But the panel of Supergirl’s face shaded with Rage and Will rang true for me. I’ve noticed that Rage and Will go together quite a bit in these Blackest Night books.

Detective Comics #857: I gush every month about the art in this book, so I won’t do that yet again (but it is soooo good! :). I have to admit, the story hasn’t been Rucka’s best, and (SPOILER maybe) does the bad girl have to be related to Batwoman? Really? Ok, back to the art for a moment. After the familial reveal, the color on the last page of the comic literally drains away leaving the last panel in black and white. I thought was a great way to convey the emotion of Batwoman at that moment. Great design overall.

Justice League of America #37: The last issue of Len Wein’s filler run on the book. Thank god! Totally forgettable storyline.

Spider-Woman #1: ZOMG! It’s finally here. I think this was supposed to be released six months ago, but here we are. Lovely Alex Ross cover (drool). The Bendis/Maleev team that I used to love in Daredevil is back, and they are just as good now (the real question is, however, can they top themselves with this character?). I love the character-driven, street-level view of Jessica Drew. This issue sets up an interesting take and direction for this character, though I wasn’t totally blown away as I was when I read the first Bendis/Maleev Daredevil story, but it’s good enough to stick with a Marvel book for now. :)

Superman: Secret Origin #1: I am a fan of Superman. Nearly everyone I talk to doesn’t care for the Man of Steel, but I love him, or, really, the idea of Superman. So I wanted to check out this latest origin tale by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank to see where today’s Superman came from according to TPTB. I like some things and not others. The Good: the angst of Clark because he’s different (though I hate that this comes from Smallville–see the Bad); Lana Lang and the kiss :). And I actually like some of Gary Frank’s art, but still hate–oops, see the Bad. The Bad: Gary Frank’s faces, specifically, his mouths. Blech! Lex Luthor being in Smallville (again, tying comic continuity into the show–hate that!). I’m not sure what to think about the return of Superboy in Superman’s history. We’ll see how that goes. This is a nice respite from the dark and creepy Blackest Night event.

Next up: comics from the week of September 30!

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