RandoMonday: Alpha Flight #27

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

alpha flight 27


Alpha Flight #27 by John Byrne, Keith Williams, Andy Yanchus, Rick, Parker, and Dennis O’Neil

The first 2+ years of Alpha Flight volume 1 was sooo good. It had great characters, stories, art, and superhero angst, which this issue delivered. We have already learned that that the just returned Guardian, whom we thought dead for the last year, is in fact Delphine Courtney, an android intent on destroying Alpha Flight. In the ruckus, “Guardian” takes Shaman’s medicine pouch and turns it inside out, unleashing the mysterious void inside. Nearly all of Alpha Flight is trapped inside, and it is up to Shaman and Talisman to save them. But tragedy strikes when Shaman is unable to help his daughter escape the void before it returns to the pouch, trapping his daughter inside.

Say what you will about Byrne as a person, he did a great job of producing comic books. This issue is very wordy, yet Byrne’s draftsmanship doesn’t make the pages feel overly crowded and the art doesn’t suffer for it either. His depiction of the void as it unleashed in our dimension is simple but interesting visually. Also, the look on Shaman’s face at the very end is soap operatic, but I still feel for the guy (and knowing what comes later makes it even more distressful). I stopped collecting this series with issue 30, so I don’t know if the book’s quality was maintained after Byrne left. Let me know if I should read more!

What do you think of this issue?

Favorite Comic Books of 2019

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It’s 2020 and that means it’s time to reflect on the previous year and talk about my favorite comic books that came out in 2019! Please let me know what your favorites were!

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New Comics Wednesday (2/12/20)

Happy New Comics Wednesday!

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.

My comics

  • THE GREEN LANTERN SEASON 2 #1 – More Grant Morrison and Liam Sharpe Green Lantern goodness.
  • HAWKMAN #21
  • SUPERMAN #20
  • 20XX #3 – I recently talked about issue 1 in glowing terms, but after reading issue 2, I’m now questioning my initial reaction to the series and also wondering if I will continue with it. Issue 3, you have a lot riding on you!

Other comics

  • ANIMAL MAN BY GRANT MORRISON TP VOL 01 – If you’ve not read this series, do yourself a favor and get this.
  • HARLEY QUINN & BIRDS OF PREY #1 (OF 4) – In case you enjoyed the movie (I haven’t seen it yet)?
  • ZATANNA AND THE HOUSE OF SECRETS TP – Another of the DC Kids OGNs that I wish I’d ordered.
  • STAR TREK YEAR FIVE VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL – I now wish I’d ordered this.
  • AERO TP VOL 01 BEFORE THE STORM – I’m keeping an eye on this as a future InStockTrades purchase.
  • COTTONS SC GN VOL 01 SECRET OF WIND – I totally missed this in Previews. I want to read this book now.
  • DOCTOR MIRAGE TP VOL 01 – Same as with Aero.
  • HOPE TP – Another book I’m interested in getting.

Best comic I read recently

NEAR DEATH v1 by Jay Faerber, Simone Guglielmini, Ron Riley, Charles Pritchett, Tom Coler, and Daniel Freedman

near death v1

Some time last year, probably during an Image sale on Comixology, I bought both volumes of Near Death primarily because I’m a fan of Mr. Faerber’s comic books. That and I am a sucker for the “bad guy” attempting a shot at redemption. In this case, hitman Markham dies briefly and finds himself being haunted by all of the people he’s killed. He comes out of the experience not wanting to end up in that place again, and so decides he needs to balance the scales. He does this by helping people and, with a few missteps, not killing anyone in the process.

One thing I enjoy about this premise is that Markham’s motives aren’t altruistic and he has no compunction about killing again, but he chooses not to. It reminds me somewhat of the Rockford Files but edgier. Guglielmini’s art is sufficiently noirish and moody, but I’m never confused about where my eyes should scan across the pages and who I’m looking at, which, surprisingly, is a lot more of a problem in other comic books I’ve read than you’d think. And after reading both volumes of this title, I can now read the recently released OGN Over My Dead Body!

What are you getting this week?

RandoMonday: Lazarus #24

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

lazarus 24

Lazarus #24 by Greg Rucka, Michael Lark, Tyler Boss, Santi Arcas, and Jodi Wynne

“Cull”, part 3. Corporal Casey Solomon is called up for Dagger duty to help the Carlyle family take out the Rausling family. Forever Carlyle confronts her “father” about knowing the truth of her situation: that she is not Carlyle’s biological daughter and that the family drugs her to keep her in line. Mr. Carlyle and the family discuss what to do about this, deciding to increase the drug regimen Forever will take in order to keep her loyal to the family. Her “sister”, Johanna, disagrees, wanting to tell Forever the truth, so against her father’s word, she takes Forever to a lab filled with vats full of body parts.

I recall that the “Cull” storyline was where things ramped up significantly plot-wise, and I quite enjoyed the new status quo, the effects of which are still being felt and dealt with now in Lazarus: Risen. This is also where I really doubted my presumptions about Johanna — was she using the truth with Forever just to gain and keep power in the family, or did she truly care about Forever, or perhaps it is both? I still don’t know the answer, and I love that! With family, things are rarely resolved, and we often just accept the situation and move on with our lives. This is one of the aspects of this title that I love so much.

What do you think of this issue?

Previews! (February 2020)

Here are some recommendations (I preordered all of them) from this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping mostly in April.



  • Adventureman from Fraction and the Dodsons looks like fun. Though, while I understand why it’s titled what it is, it seems more that it should be called “Adventurewoman”.
  • Kirkman, Samnee, and Wilson’s Fire Power seems to be highly derivative of Iron Fist, but it’s Samnee and Wilson! Interesting too that they’re releasing a trade as a prequel to the series. I wonder how that will impact the sales of the ongoing, if at all.
  • I try not to hold it against Shalvey for working on Bog Bodies (with art by Fullerton and Nalty) instead of Injection, but I’m intrigued by the story.

Dark Horse

  • The preview art and tagline (“Twin Peaks meets Lady Bird“) for Dead Dog’s Bite by Boss and Bertram have got me intrigued.
  • Who is this post-DC Paul Levitz and why didn’t we get these interesting stories from him before? Check out Unfinished Business by him and Fraser and Caldwell.


  • Tom Tomorrow’s Life in the Stupidverse is sure to entertain. Sometimes humor is the only way to deal with stupidity.


  • Ennis and Braun bring us a new The Boys series (and sequel).


  • Oh boy! Faithless II is coming by Azzarello and Llovet. I was intrigued by some of the things in the first series, but irritated by others, so I’m on the fence about getting this.

Abstract Studios

  • Not only should you preorder issue 9, but go to the webstore and order all the other issues you didn’t preorder. Tell Terry I sent ya!


  • Dead Day has an interesting premise: What if the dead could come back for one night every year? What would they — and we — do? Parrott, Bornyakov, Velez, and Pritchett attempt to answer that.

DC Comics

  • You can’t pay me to get the Joker 80th anniversary special, but I’ll likely be getting the Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular.
  • What an interesting premise! Primer by Muro, Krajewski, and Lusky is going on the short list.
  • Damn. The Dreaming is coming to an end with issue 20.
  • I really want to read Six Days by Venditti, Maurer, and Mutti.
  • Finally, check out pages 89-92 for a bunch of Wonder Woman collections.


  • Oh man! Al Ewing and Dan Slott are cowriting Empyre (art by Valerio Schiti). I will have to get the trade.
  • I don’t go for those facsimile editions, but I might have to get the Marvel Fanfare #10 issue largely for the George Perez Black Widow cover.
  • Alan Davis is drawing the Hickman written Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler one shot!
  • After you read the Young Avengers Complete Collection by Gillen and McKelvie, try out their Image Comics series The Wicked + the Divine.

What are you ordering this month?